Wednesday, November 20, 2019

VIDEO: Siblings BLAME Store Clerk For Killing ARMED ROBBER

This is why Democrats don’t want honest and hard working Americans to have guns…

People deal with grief in different ways. Is there a right and wrong way to grieve? Yes, apparently. There is.

For example, if your brother points a gun at a store clerk and demands all the cash in the safe, you can’t be all that mad when he is shot dead. In fact, it should be expected. You’d think, right? Not for these two ignoramuses, though.

They think the clerk was in the wrong for defending himself. Yeah, for real. This might just be the video of the year. No hyperbole. It’s that jaw-dropping.

It goes to show how ridiculous some people truly are.


Dayton, Ohio family outraged their sibling was shot dead by a store clerk while attempting an armed robbery

Src: Flag & Cross

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  • Gideon Rockwell
    Gideon Rockwell

    The clerk is a prime example of why you should get training, get a good quality EDC pistol and carry everyday. That clerk did the right thing, protecting himself, his customers and fellow employees. I guess the two idiots expected those people to stand there and let their brother execute them all. One thing to remember always, the Police are good people and servants of the people, but they are reactive not proactive. They are not clairvoyant, with the ability to know of crimes in advance. 99.9% of the time through no fault of their own, it is just the nature of the beast, they show up in time to help Homicide tape off the area, draw the chalk outlines and help control the crowd. We are the stewards of our lives. It is our responsibility to defend this life we have which is a gift from GOD. We would be very poor stewards of that gift if we did not do all that is possible to preserve it, until he calls us home in his own time.

  • Michael

    I made a post about these MORONS a couple of days ago and it still goes–these family members are suffering from that GHETTO MENTALITY where it is okay to go out and pull off an armed robbery, just don’t get CAUGHT OR SHOT!!
    Guess what–their brother got stupid and got shot while threatening the clerk with a weapon of his own, I guess he was a slow learner, but school is out now!!!
    Hey the rest of the family, you need to learn that if someone is going to be a criminal they need to be aware of the possibility they might get caught or shot!! FRIGGING MORONS!!

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