Sunday, September 15, 2019

Trump Traitor Heads To Prison

It’s a far way to fall from right hand of the president to convicted criminal.

But that’s the case for Donald Trump’s former fixer and personal attorney Michael Cohen. 

Cohen is reporting to Otisville, New York where he will start to serve a three year sentence.

It has been a long ride for the former attorney who began with claims that he would “take a bullet” for Trump to ultimately giving testimony against the president and his alleged “dirty deeds.”

“I want to be clear,” he told the court. “I blame myself for the conduct which has brought me here today, and it was my own weakness, and a blind loyalty to this man that led me to choose a path of darkness over light.”

Funny that the man Cohen speaks of has actually been exonerated from the charges laid against him, maybe Cohen will realize that while he’s serving time.

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  • EddieW

    There are many other traitors that also should be locked up, a lot in the Democrat party, that want this nation destroyed!!! Also the RINO’s in the Republican party! They too commit acts considered as Traitor!!
    I notice no one talks about Hillary’s “Collusion” with Russia…Very easily provable!!!!

  • unicorn

    idiot, should be in jail for a lot longer than that

  • Marlene Mitchell-Kavanaugh
    Marlene Mitchell-Kavanaugh

    Trump should be following Cohen to jail…the man is far from innocent of anything..he just has enough clout now to keep his ass out of trouble so far…but God don’t like ugly..he will surely get his due….

    • Bemused Bill
      Bemused Bill

      Brilliant argument, fully supported by facts and not in the least bit insane…..

    • NavyPO

      And GOD doesn’t like baby killers either! I will bet that you are pro-abortion !

  • LSUGene

    Micheal, you have no one to blame but yourself, there is such a thing as fiduciary responsibility, you gave yours up. I would never give up mine no matter come hell or high water. Now you can think about what you did, but you f-cked up and it will be your price to pay.


    maybe cohen can send Obama a post card telling what to expect on the dinner menu

  • David Woodstein

    He made his bed and he has to sleep in it Presedent Trump did not tell hem to not pay his tax’s he got caught cheating President Trump did not tell him to do that. It has been found out President Trump is cleared of all charges and that was not what he calmed President Trump did he lied about all the things he said were nothing but a bunch of lies to take the heat of hem self. He deserves everything he gets for being disloyal to our President. He has lost everything by being crooked to all his clients to cheat them out of there money and truest.
    David Woodstein
    [email protected]

  • jimbob

    Maybe some one will give Cohen a work over while he is in prison.

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