Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Trump Has Had Enough Of Pelosi, SLAMS Her To The Ground

This is the last straw…

President Trump recently tweeted about Nancy Pelosi saying, “‘Nancy Pelosi has no leverage over the Senate. Mitch McConnell did not nose his way into the impeachment process in the House, and she has no standing in the Senate.’ Brad Blakeman. Crazy Nancy should clean up her filthy dirty District & help the homeless there. A primary for N?”

The tweet was right after Trump called House Democrats “hypocrites” and “liars.” He tweeted, “The Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats said they wanted to RUSH everything through to the Senate because ‘President Trump is a threat to National Security’ (they are vicious, will say anything!), but now they don’t want to go fast anymore, they want to go very slowly. Liars!”

Trump has finally had enough of both Nancy Pelosi and her House Democrats, and he has all the right to set them straight. Read the rest of the story here.

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