Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Trump Blows Democrats Out Of The Water

Things are looking good for the continued Presidency of Donald Trump. 

As the first quarter of 2019 comes to a close, the reports are in that President Trump’s reelection campaign has already raised over $30 million dollars.

That’s more than the combined funds of his top two Democratic rivals!

The campaign shared the information with The Associated Press noting that the campaign now has roughly $40.8 million tucked away to fight for the 2020 election.

The campaign also shared that almost 99% of its donations were $200 or less and that the average donation was for $34.26. 

This is a significant lead over former President Obama’s opening push for reelection which only had about $2 million at this comparative point.

President Trump seems to be well on his way to hitting his fundraising target of $1 billion dollars for 2020.

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  • Tommie Walker
    Tommie Walker

    LMAO!!!!!!!……. The Dims don’t get it!!!!!!….. MAGA!!!!!!

  • Yves tanguay

    Obama was the worst pres I ever saw he was a precher no he never ran any thing no clue about business losses caused

    • Phillip Auxt
      Phillip Auxt

      You can believe that Obama was the worst President, Yves.. But they will continue to talk good about him.

  • Alice Steinbacher

    The “fade news” must be missing something. Seems many people are coming the aid of our Campaign for Trump. After all the crap they’ve thrown at him, he’s got lots of people who believe in him such as myself. He is different because he’s a businessman and he knows how to negotiate, like the former Presidents who were only politicians like the present Democrats they don’t even understand how he keeps winning and making the economy fly. How many former Presidents challenged the Chinese on the illigal treatment of our commercial customers. How many people stood by and watched Korea shoot off killing machines challenged this President and visits with Him. God is with him I know and I pray he stays with him and keeps him safe from the crazies who hate him. Hate him for what? He’s the best leader we’ve had in generations. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP

  • Mark

    Worst nightmare, ur hypocrisy is the greatest ever.
    Reconning for a nazi.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe

    They Lie

  • Donel

    Listen carefully to the DemComs, what you keep hearing is Socialism, Socialism and a little Communism to level out their agenda to have complete Control over We The People. They want to run your life, what they do Not want, is for You to think for yourself. That IS how Socialism/Communism really works.

  • janice Alderson
    janice Alderson

    Stay the course people because we are with you Trump. Go get them. GOD is in control.

    • marie lacagnina

      We support Trump also. He is doing a great job despite all the things thrown at him. He certainly is blessed by God We all r praying for him.

  • Jerry Hughes
    Jerry Hughes

    It is likely that Donald Trump came along just in time.
    We expect the crap coming from The liberal dem bloodsuckers.
    The crap that you RINOS are putting will not be forgotten or excused, Hear me Romney

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