Sunday, September 15, 2019

SI Swimsuit Issue ‘Goes Muslim’ on Cover

Sports Illustrated has a new swimsuit issue but the cover has people talking as it breaks far from tradition.

It has been announced that the cover will feature Somali-American model Halima Aden, nothing out of place there, but that she will be modeling a “burkini” instead of the typical “bikini.”

Sports Illustrated is proving that a girl that’s wearing a bikini could be right alongside a girl that’s wearing a burkini. And as women we can come alongside each other and be each other’s biggest cheerleaders,” the model shared with ABC News.

“Young girls who wear a hijab should have women they look up to in any and every industry,” she shared separately with BBC.

Aden also added, “The response has been incredible and I’m so honored that Sports Illustrated has taken the step to showcase the beauty that modestly dressed women possess.”

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  • Grizz Mann
    Grizz Mann

    One can now see why Muslim men are rapist.

  • Ann Simpson
    Ann Simpson

    So now Muslim wear is going mainstream even at SI. Next is full burkas on the runway?

  • Jere Hock

    The female shape can be a beautiful thing. We celebrate it in our western culture. To cover it up as Muslim morals insist is repulsive and is a step backward.

  • Annabel

    Each to their own. I can’t say the celebrity look of practically nothing on the beaches is attractive so go for it.

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