Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Republican Traitor Gets TOTALLY Exposed

He’s running for cover.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Matt Gaetz slammed former National Security Adviser John Bolton stating he was largely a mascot in the Trump administration.

“You are right that Bill Kristol and John Bolton represent a vision of conservativism that would have us invade everywhere and invite everyone,” he said. “I think that John Bolton has been in favor of 10 out of the last three wars and would probably start four more of them by lunchtime tomorrow if he could. He was largely a mascot in the Trump administration who used to troll Iran. His advice was never taken, and so he was resentful. But it’s important that President Trump’s vision for putting our people and our country first, demanding that our allies pay their fair share, re-domesticating our manufacturing so that we are more resilient.”

“That will prevail in the message worthy of delivering because if you look at the vision from the radical left, they would lock you in your home,” He continued. “They would make your business illegal. Then they would put an ‘open for business’ sign at the border, inviting MS-13 to move in next door while regular Americans are just disarmed. So, if we want to have safe streets and stable communities, if we want families that are able to be secure in their economic and physical future, then my suggestion is that we rally to this America-first vision. It will prevail over the America-last views of Kristol and Bolton.” You can watch a clip of Gaetz’s remarks here.

Image credit: National Review

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