Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Republican HUMILATES Joe Biden

He brought this upon himself…

Steve Scalise recently went onto Fox Business Network’s airing of “Mornings with Maria” and discussed Biden’s surge in the recent polling results.

He stated that he believes Biden was “going to have to come out of the basement at some point” and when he did, people would see the stark contrast between the hiding Biden and the current President Trump.

Scalise said, “Well, thank goodness that Joe Biden is going to have to come out of the basement at some point and let people know what he would do as president because the contrast has never been sharper. What President Trump did, to take an economy that was sluggish because of the Biden policies and turn it around make it hottest economy in the world, President Trump did it once. We are now obviously at a different place because of COVID-19, but who better to bring that economy back than President Trump?”

Eventually Biden will have to go public, and once that happens, his campaign will surely suffer. Read the whole story and watch a clip here.

Image Credit: Fox News

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