Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Pro-Marine Sticker Called RACIST At This Restaurant

The owner of an Illinois burger restaurant is having to defend his business after online snowflakes started calling him “racist.”

Brad Gross is the owner of Gross Burgers and is taking heat for simply having a pro-Marine bumper sticker displayed in his establishment. 

The sticker in question shows an arrow pointing to some Arabic writing and states, “If you can’t read this, thank a Marine.”

Bumper sticker at Gross’ Burgers

Apparently someone posted a photo of the sticker online after having their feeble sensibilities assaulted and the self-righteous onslaught began.

“If you can read it, thank yourself for being a multicultural human and not a xenophobic garbage human,” read one comment. 

“F*ck Grossburgers. Absolutely disgusting,” another viewer posted.

One disgruntled customer complained that she was told by management that the sticker would “certainly not” be removed.

Gross is defending the sticker, noting, “the bumper sticker has been in my restaurant for more than a decade from a Marine that served in Iraq.”

“He brought it in and asked me to put it up, and I said sure go ahead and put it up and it’s been there for all these years,” Gross shared with WCIA.

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  • steven massy

    When did slamming Islamic Terrorists and Brutal Dictators become racist?

    • linda

      that’s what I would like to know let me say this its because of the radicals we have in this country are going to be a bigger problem. they have this crap in their minds we are wrong they are right.

    • Liam M
      Liam M

      Thanks for your comment on this, I couldn’t agree more along with so many other Americans sick and tired of the islamification of the USA.. i recently got censored on one social media site for calling muslims disgusting. where non violent free speech is being censured. As a Vietnam war era survivor, i take the right of free non violent speech very seriously.. In my request to the sites cansure, i stated if they haven’t a clue as to what these infidels are doing to America, take a look at Minneapolis MN. I’ve family thre and in many parts of Minneapolis, you’d think your’re in damascus or riyad and they ‘re tried to establish sharia law. Sharia law will never take hold here, is incongruent to life in America and those who want it,, they can go live in arabia ir brunei, ’nuff said for now.

    • Dan

      Right on Brother! Even this sticker is all about the first Amendment!

  • James

    Remember kids, we’re the guys that dipped our bullets in pigs blood in the battle of Tripoli. You gotta love it. Semper Fi!

  • PG Vangelis

    The bumper-sticker is the God’s honest truth. And these crackbrained whining Snowflakes would be the first ones to be beheaded if Jihad ever succeeded here, so they’d better emerge from their parents’ basements and look at the world honestly, not through the distorting and warping lenses of so-called “political correctness”. Their virtue-signaling support of Islam wouldn’t save them from then scimitar. Let them review the fate of James Foley and Steven Sotloff and others like them– who had the same misplaced respect for Jihadists as these lamentable Snowflakes are displaying. HEY you self-proclaimed “Social Justice Warriors”– wake up! They’d behead you in a flash and then gloat over your headless bodies!

    • Mike G
      Mike G

      summer is coming, too bad the a-hole snowflakes won’t melt.. Semper Fi.

  • Bevo

    To HELL with “few” who complain. Majority rules. Our Country. Leave, Die or kill yourself if you are THAT upset. Just menial jerks playing at being a bully. Marines threaten their sensibilities. WIMPS!

  • Bill

    Good for Grossburgers! Patriotism beats political correctness any day.

  • Roger Anderson
    Roger Anderson

    I’d like to get one to put on my car, or better yet, 200 of them to pass out at the legion hall. SEMPER FI

  • charissa

    heck, I’m a vegan and I’d eat there.

  • John T Mattison Jr
    John T Mattison Jr

    Wish I could have a Gross Burger for lunch. It’s a long way from Georgia to Illinois. God Bless Our Marines! (And Army – And Navy – And Airforce – And Coast Guard!)

  • Joe Cobl
    Joe Cobl

    I agree with the preceding several comments whole heartedly!!!
    America First, Islam ?

  • Charles Hayes
    Charles Hayes

    It’s not racist, it’s a reality.

  • Dick

    Semper Fi to Brad Gross.. I served seven (7) years in the Corps… at 84 years young I’m not as lean, not as mean, but I’ll always be a Marine…

    • Clint McDonald
      Clint McDonald

      Dick, I was an Hospital Corpsman from September 1961 to about March 1974. First duty station after boot-camp was Camp Pendleton FMF for medical training prior to Hospital Corp School San Diego. After Hospital Corps School I served mostly with aviation squadrons, both Navy and Marine, on ship and shore. Once a Marine, always a Marine.. Semper Fi my brother. I’m 74 so you are my 10 year senior. Most of my trusted friends are Marines. Semper Fi.

  • Amber

    He should put up a sign that says something to the effect of “Snowflakes you can come here, but I will not ever be hounded by a bunch of people who have idea and no respect for anyone. And let it be known act offended and you will be last to be waited on. My staff will not wait on you until you stop being “offended” over nothing. “

  • JOHN

    Sorry you folk’s don’t like the Bumper sticker, But as i recall a lot of good US service members gave their lives so that you people could live here in the USA ! So if you don’t like it here because of the words on the Bumper Sticker get your ASSES BACK TO THE COUNTRY YOU CAME FROM AND TRY AND CHANGE THINGS THERE AND SEE HOW FAR YOU GET WITH THAT ! I’M Proud to be an AMERICAN !!!!!!

  • Samuel Stephens
    Samuel Stephens

    If people don’t like the bumper sticker, they are free to leave the country AND don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out.

  • Sandy

    Wish I could afford a tanker to spray PIGS blood all over MN. Like agent orange was sprayed over me in Vietnam.

  • Ronald Nagdeman
    Ronald Nagdeman

    If you Islamic POFS snowflakes can’t handle it, go back to your home country, cuz it ain’t gonna change anytime soon…😡

  • Edward Dosh
    Edward Dosh

    If you don”t like what Brad Gross has on the walls in his business then don’t go in Grossburgers. He has a first amendment right to have whatever he wants there. If you don’t like the first amendment then go back where you came from no one invited you and you are not wanted here. As for sharia law is concerned, we are fixin’ to show you that IT AIN’T GONNA F**KIN’ HAPPEN.

  • Sandy

    This site does not believe in freedom of speech.

  • AFGus

    What an awesome sticker! I want a few to out on my cars. If anyone complains, I’ve got two middle fingers ready just for their enjoyment. Snowflakes don’t mess with me anyway. It must be the “go ahead…say something, I dare you” look I give them.

  • Annabel

    Time for a lesson: Although Muslims constitute more than 23 percent of the world’s population, as of 2015, only 12 Nobel laureates have been Muslims, whereas 193 (22 percent) of the total 855 laureates have been Jewish, although Jews comprise less than 0.2 percent of the world’s population.
    Meethinks the Muslim population had better pull their socks up and start contributing to the world!

  • Carole

    Is he selling them?

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