Sunday, September 15, 2019

Poll Shows How Democrat Campaigns Are A Joke

A Morning Consult survey recently took note of the support many Democratic candidates have going into 2020 elections, and the results are a certainly good for a laugh.

According to the numbers, not a single Democrat could beat out former Vice President Joe Biden. A man who has been accused multiple times of greatly overstepping the bounds of physical contact, who would be the oldest elected president yet and most importantly, isn’t even running!

Biden held 32 percent of the support among voters questioned, holding a nine point lead over his closest rival Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The fact that Biden is so completely leading the overcrowded competition without actually announcing his candidacy is like the plot to a comedy movie. Of course, in the end it’ll only be the Republicans who are amused.

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  • Mike W
    Mike W

    President Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he supported Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Her organizational management skills and constant bouts of incoherence are destroying what is left of the Democrat party. In the next election there will be a few Republican candidates – a few Independents and the Democrat candidates will have to ride around in a double decker bus. They will be late arriving at the all the debates due the continual brawls over who sits where on that bus. They will all be demanding the front seat – as they are ALL convinced of their own “entitlement” – that should be a hell of a brawl. It will look like some kind of clown car when they all start finally piling out. You will swear some of them snuck around and are getting off again. I’m not sure what venue they will use to get them all on stage at the same time. They may need a football field. The Democrat debates will be extremely long as they will need an hour or so just to introduce everyone. By the time the first question gets around to the last candidate people will be dozing off – and they will repeatedly have to remind everyone what that question was. There will also be a lot of moaning from the candidates – “I can’t hear” – “I can’t see” – “What did he/she say?” . Oh CRAP ….now Hillary is coming again? Well there damned sure better not be any stairs involved – getting her up and down a minimal amount of steps could add another hour on. The Democrat debates are starting to look more and more like a Jerry Lewis Telethon. Complete with Nutty Nancy and Lizzie Warren half drunk slurring their words during their fund raising pitches. I just hope like hell Bernie Sanders, keep their shirts on.

  • Leftshot

    So ask yourself, if these polls include Joe Biden, why don’t they include Hillary Clinton? Both are undeclared. There is so much going on to shape our opinions. Just ask yourself. What if Joe Biden wasn’t in that poll? How different would the results be and the narrative leftists would build around those results. What if Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton were included? How do you think that would change the results and the narrative?
    They are all playing games and you and I are the ‘prize’.

  • HerbSoyk

    Right on Leftshot.

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