Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Plan Outs Democrat Hypocrisy

Democrats across the board are outraged just after a hearing of a proposed plan that reveals how they really feel about illegal immigrants.

It was recently made known that the White House had on multiple occasions suggested that immigration authorities unburden retaining facilities by releasing illegal migrants to sanctuary cities.

However the plan was always rejected due to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement strongly opposing the move.

That hasn’t stopped Democrats from sounding off on the move however and as a result, exposing how little they care for the idea of permitting more of these migrants to the United States.

Despite all these calls for relaxed immigration to the point of open borders by some 2020 candidates, when it comes down to it they don’t want them in their cities.

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  • Anthony


  • bob Anderson

    The Democrats as usual when the force turns in their direction the truth comes out. This is a great idea send the illegals to all the Sanc. cities. This would be great and all the demos could have a bed fella 24 hours a day forever or build a wall. Come on demos, one or the other…

  • Ken

    Without lies, hypocrisy, and a complicit press, what would Democrats do? Think very carefully before you check any box with a (D) in the next election. They have gone radical left, even including Communism, Socialism and Marxism in their party. ALL of those government systems result in death, destruction, and loss of freedom, beware.

  • chief1937

    For Democrats it’s do as I say not as I do.


    democrats have always been two faced, they were the ones that actually started the clan around the time of the civil war but now every time they are faced with the truth about themselves they blame someone or something else or they change the subject. Back in 2016 they all said we must have border security ,but now its not that important. Tell you what Nancy and Chuck tear down the wall around your house and welcome in some of these future voters and give them everything that legal citizens are unable to have. If you democrats think so much of communism move to russia because we dont need you here.
    MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in spite of the democrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary

    Obama did that exact same thing during his tenure. They have been defending the sanctuary all along. This is a great idea being floated by the President. The dems are not looking out for the citizens of America……………..Gary

  • stilbelieve

    I think sending surplus illegal immigrant refuges (IIR) to so called “sanctuary” cites is a GREAT Idea! That would enable those locals to make sure those IIRs show up for their refugee court hearings.

  • Ken

    It can’t be illegal to do it. Obama did it all the time, only he just didn’t tell anyone where he was dropping them? It should be an ideal place to put them because these places have rolled out their welcome mats, right?

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Please, America don`t take a back seat to this insanity? That`s the best they can do is turn cities into places where crime is legitimizes? Kick these illegals out now don`t add to the problem it will only get worse. You`re watching it now citizens are being locked up for protecting themselves.

  • Marie

    Let the dems pay for illegals and have them as neighbors. Maybe think before you speak

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