Sunday, September 15, 2019

Pelosi Turns Up The Heat On Ocasio-Cortez

It looks like constant failure among the Democrats has devolved the party into a state of constant in-fighting.

The insults are piling from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. After slamming freshman congresswoman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Pelosi is coming back to kick her party member when she’s down.

While speaking at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Pelosi was asked what she though of Ocasio-Cortez’s popularity. It looks like the question may have made the senior Democrat a bit jealous. 

In a backhanded compliment, Pelosi shared how she thought AOC was a “wonderful” person but that her election to office was an easy win. 

“When we won this election it wasn’t in districts like mine,” Pelosi explained, “or Alexandria’s, however, she’s a wonderful member of Congress I think all of our colleagues will attest.”

Pelosi wasn’t finished sharing just how little possibility the young socialist had of losing. “But those are districts that are solidly democratic. This glass of water would win with a ‘d’ next to its name in those districts,” she shared.

“And not to diminish the exuberance and the personality and the rest of Alexandria and the other members,” Pelosi added, “but when I said three, they were talking about three that were getting a good deal of press on it.”

She ended saying that, “the 43 districts, we won 43 net gain of 40, were right down the middle.”

It looks like Pelosi might be getting tired of Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist antics and is looking to make a sacrifice of her failed attempts at legislation. 

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  • Geraldine

    AOC is small potatoes – she is not qualified to serve when do you go to college to be stupid.

  • Bruce Schweyer
    Bruce Schweyer

    This sure sounds like a cat fight to me. Fur is flying!

  • Vaughn

    Nancy was never much of a prize, but it’s taken her entire congressional career to become the buffoon she is now. Ocrazyo-Cortez is already surpassed Nancy right out of the gate. Popcorn, anyone?

  • Elizabeth s Allen

    TPelosi is old school, if we lose the next election to Trump, blame Pelosi, Hoyer, Biden, Klobashar, etc, etc…..they are the corporate dems, who just love them some Israel, totally ignoring the train wreck in Gaza, (the US sending bombs and weapons of mass destruction to a people OCCUPIED and treated like dogs,) and we have democrats who will swallow their spit as they have been co opted by AIPAC and Israel. These young progressives are correct….we cannot move forward as a country, UNTIL we end corporate larceny, and total support (one sided) with Israel. Israel is not a democracy, it is a theocracy…AIPAC should be a listed as a foreign group who does not have absolute access to our government officials.

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee

    A.O. Cortez is deeply angered by Mrs. Pelosi’s objections to Cortez’s wild behavior as a Congressman. I’m sure Speaker Pelosi regards such a position in the House of Representatives a must for decorum and disciplined behavior. I’m inclined to agree to such a standard. Mrs. Pelosi has her hands full with the rookie “loose cannons” who were elected to the House. Their language, this time it’s not AOC guilty of that, is bigoted, laced with ancient, ingrown hate, and has no place in a constitutional-abiding House of Representatives. It is disgraceful to have hate-merchants from Araby or Somalia spewing their venom in the U.S. Congress, simply because they were elected from congressional districts where the hate is practiced. It may be representative of those particular voting districts, but certainly not representative of the Congress of the United States.

  • Bill Senior

    AMERICA BUILT ON “”””REPUBLIC POLICY””” AND NOW IT WANT TO RUIN ITSELF VIA “””””SOCIALISM””””””……………………………………….WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Judy

    Maybe you should study what Socialism really is , unless you already have, in which case maybe a little less of the WTF and more of IGI would be to your advantage. Just sayin’

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