Wednesday, July 28, 2021

RABID Pelosi Opens Fire On Trump

She is a vile person.

During an interview with MSNC’s Ari Melber, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked Attorney General William Barr and Trump calling Barr “a henchman” for President Trump.

She said, “I just thought he was despicable and so beneath the dignity of an attorney general. I did tune in to hear certain questions that I had an interest in his answers, and they all related to upholding the Constitution of the United States. He fell very short in that regard. He is there to support the president, Donald Trump, no matter what.”

“He’s not the president’s lawyer. That was Michael Cohen, and you know what happened to him. And he is a lawyer — he is the Attorney General of the United States of America. Too bad he doesn’t care or realize that.”

Anyone associated with Trump will get attacked by Pelosi.

She was also asked about her statement about federal law enforcements being “storm troopers,” and she lied by saying, “I said they acted like storm troopers…” Did she really forget that she didn’t actually say that “they acted like storm troopers,” but that they were actual “storm troopers?”

Read the whole story here.

Image Credit: KERA News

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  • Don

    You have to believe Pelosi, Nadler, Schi!!, are auditioning for the the center ring in the old Ringling Bros center ring as clowns.

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