Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Pelosi Gets HUMILIATED During Her Speech

She probably wants to crawl under a rock after this.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic National Convention speech began with technical difficulties where the moderator introducing Pelosi can be heard talking over her.

While still being introduced by the moderator, Pelosi started saying, “Good evening. As Speaker of the House, it is my honor to bring you the greetings of the Democrats of the House—the most diverse majority in history: more than 60 percent women, people of color, and LGBTQ.”

With a beginning that unprofessional, it would be amazing if anyone actually listened to what she said after.

Pelosi then went on to say, “Our nation faces the worst health and economic catastrophe in our history: more than 5 million Americans are infected by the coronavirus. Over 170,000 have died. And who is standing in the way? Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.”

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Image Credit: Newsmax

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