Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Oops! Ocasio-Cortez RIPS Into Her Own Party Member

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is once again showing off how little she knows and how little she’s inclined to learn. 

The trending congresswoman took to Twitter to slam a fellow politician, accusing him of using her image to boost the Republican party as well as being a bit of a creep. 

The problem? The man in the picture is actually Democrat John Yarmuth. 

It seems that AOC first saw the picture form a tweet that was posted by the Republican Party of Kentucky. That post actually slammed Yarmuth for throwing his lot in with extremists like Ocasio-Cortez. But Ocasio-Cortez just saw an older man using her image and went on attack. 

While she deleted her post after massive backlash pointed out her mistakes, screenshots had already been captured. 

As a congresswoman it’s pretty distressing that AOC can’t even be bothered to read 280 characters before jumping to a conclusion. How many laws has she judged in the same fashion?

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  • grinnie

    She majored and degreed in Stupid. I say she’s doing a great job

  • Sheryl Abraham
    Sheryl Abraham

    Well it is not as if AOC is actually voting on any laws! That would require the House Dems to actually legislate, instead of harassing the President!

  • Richard Jackson Jr.
    Richard Jackson Jr.

    Ah, here we go again. AOC, the left’s DT.

  • Mark S Setar

    She’s a total putz!

  • William Brown
    William Brown

    How in the world did this idiot become a Congress woman? I guess it goes to show that you have to be equally dumb to elect a buffoon like this one.

    • Karla Andrews
      Karla Andrews

      What about the people who elected her Talk about STUPID

    • Thomas Gusich
      Thomas Gusich

      Well her base must be as dumb as a bag of rocks.if u dont know anything about the person u are voting for, then u deserve what u get,I u have a brain cell join the conservatives. Not too long ago ,I heard the dems say. No angry old white guys.

    • Helene

      She became a congress woman, because, the district , most Muslims and libs, voter her in, that’s exactly how!

  • Bill

    AOC surely does need to read and be better prepared before attacking any one or any thing but for “any laws or other important moves as a congress person” she is not guilty there” the Dems have been too busy attacking president Trump to put forward any bills to be considered ! They truly have forgotten who put them in office and expect some action on requests by their own consitiutients and otbers. . . .We the people will hopefully remedy this inaction in the 2020 election ctcle!

  • Bob

    Seems every time she opens her mouth she shows her azz.

  • Marie

    I pray she and the others (omar & talib and any others
    of their ilk, are voted OUT – they are harmful to The Constitution, values, freedoms and our way of life in thes United States!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump 2020!

  • happy

    She is a good democratic representative- attacks every one. Hu

  • Timothy

    “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain—and most fools do” (Dale Carnegie). This is all she knows how to do. The Dems needs to get her out of office.

  • KenP

    We need to keep a very watchful eye on this kind. Very, Very dangerous and there are more of them lined up to enter the arena. She is a totally loose cannon and is a puppet being managed by her socialist liberal handlers. About as qualified as I am. None!!!

  • Helene

    If we the people,that made this country, what it is, don’t watch out, this country will be RUN by bunch of wicked Muslims, very shortly, Just say, I didn’t warn U. People!

  • Holly 94

    Lets get rid of this smelly peace of defecate..

  • Holly 94

    She is on 2 PAYROLLS…ours, but also on the Deep Defecate State’s…some big money handed out with instructions to “abuse everyone you suspect, just keep sniffing and yelling…no matter what…the Target here is AMERICA, not the Republicans, nor Democrats, nor Trump…just AMERICA, and if Democrat John Yarmuth got in the way…who cares? She doesn’t.

    And John…seems you are afraid of her and won’t respond…at least you are afraid of the money man backing this …

  • Joe

    She’s dumber than dirt!!!!!!!!

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