Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Ohio Mayor Asks Liberals To Do THIS During Trump Visit

How dare she…

In a recent talk with reporters, Dayton, OH Mayor Nan Whaley insisted that protestors “stand up and say they’re not happy if they’re not happy,” when President Trump comes to the city after the mass shooting.

After being asked about potential Trump protestors, Whaley stated, “As you cover me all the time, you know I have lots of protesters all the time. Even my friends protest me from time to time. So I’m glad that they’re using their right to give free speech comment. Look, I know that he has made his bed, he’s got to lie in it. He hasn’t, you know —his rhetoric has been painful for many in our community. And I think that people should stand up and say they’re not happy if they’re not happy.”

When asked about Trump’s comments following the shooting, Whaley said, “I’m disappointed with his remarks. I mean, I think they fell really short. He mentioned, like, gun issues one time. I think watching the president over the past few years over the issues of guns. I don’t know if he knows what he believes, frankly.”

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