Obama Advisor SLANDERS Trump, Regrets It Immediately

She got what she deserved…

Senior Advisor to former President Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, decided to try her hand at attacking Trump and was promptly rebuked by Representative Dan Crenshaw.

Jarrett wrote, “Someone asked me today how would @Barack Obama have handled this crisis? Answer in one word – better. Ok, two words. Much better.”

Crenshaw did not like Jarrett’s comment especially since Democrats are seemingly taking advantage of the current environment and “put[ting] partisan politics above coming together as Americans.”

He wrote:

Crenshaw continued saying, “This is what worries me about the future. We have difficult conversations about how to move to risk containment, to risk mitigation, to risk management, opening up society along with the threat of the pandemic. It’s going to be easy to have very disingenuous criticisms of each other and moralize against each other, but we can’t do that; we have to do this together.”

Read the full details here.

Image Credit: USA Today

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