Saturday, December 14, 2019

Nikki Haley SHUTS DOWN NBC Reporter’s Questions

She isn’t here to play games, she means business…

Instead of impeachment, with the upcoming presidential election, the people should decide President Donald Trump’s fate, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley told NBC’s “Today Show”.

“Impeachment is literally the worst punishment you can do to a public official, and here you’ve got a situation where there was no investigation and the aid flowed as it was supposed to. So when you look at that situation it’s hard to see where impeachment
qualified for that,” Haley said, adding that “impeachment is serious.”

“It’s the most serious thing you can do to a president. The other side of this is we are less than a year from the election. Instead, let the people decide, let them hear the testimony, that’s fine, but let them decide,” she stated.

Haley continued, “it’s never a good practice for us to ask a foreign country to investigate an American.”

“Having said that, there is no insistence on that call or demands on that call. A conversation between two presidents casual in nature. Nothing that the president of Ukraine thought funds were being withheld and he had to do this,” she added.

“As a backdrop, and you among all people know how important these funds are to Ukraine. You were one of the leading voices on behalf of Ukraine against Russian aggression. They always know that the funding of their military is hanging over their heads, do they not?” NBC’s Savannah Guthrie asked.

HALEY: But they also know that President Trump has been very strong for Ukraine, by giving anti-tank missiles, by going against Russia, holding the sanctions–

GUTHRIE: Aid was on hold at that moment. Aid did go on hold. It eventually was released.

HALEY: You can have those hypotheticals. It was released. That’s a fact.

GUTHRIE: The aid was held up. That is not a hypothetical, right?

HALEY: Was the aid released? It was.

“How is asking a foreign country to investigate your political rival putting America first?” Guthrie questioned. “Whose interest is that in? Is it in America’s interest or is it in the president’s personal interest?”

HALEY: Ukraine has always been an issue with corruption. That was the case, that we always knew that there was corruption that was involved in Ukraine–

GUTHRIE: But the corruption mentioned by the president here has to do with Joe Biden and the DNC server, those are the two very specific examples.

HALEY: Americans should want to know the answer of did Biden pressure the prosecutor to do what he did, and I think there’s a real question there. You can question the president but you also have to question what Biden did.

GUTHRIE: There may be questions there but let me ask you this.

HALEY: But there’s questions all the way around.

GUTHRIE: Let’s do a weighing of interest. As between America’s interest and making sure that Ukraine is able to battle the aggression of Russia, our adversary, as you know and whether there’s a U.S. interest of Joe Biden’s son and the DNC server, which is the greater interest?

HALEY: You can’t put it into that and make sure that that’s equal. I mean I think what you have to look at the fact is we should ask was Biden’s position abused? The same way you’re looking at the president, you have to look at Biden. And not only that, Savannah, President Trump was so strong on Ukraine. He had stronger policy on Ukraine than President Obama did, so this was a strong relationship. The Ukrainian ambassador was one of my closest allies on the Security Council.


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