New Coronavirus EPICENTER Revealed

Here’s what we know…

Experts have recently stated that the state of Florida could potentially be the epicenter of coronavirus.

An article on CNN pointed out the rise in coronavirus cases as many states are reopening and described Florida having “all the markings of the next large epicenter of coronavirus transmission.”

Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo told CNN that an extreme outbreak in Florida would have “catastrophic consequences” because of the amount of older people living in the state. Governor Ron DeSantis probably knows about Florida’s potential to become an epicenter and has done all he could to try to prevent it from happening.

A report from Breitbart states:

A full ten days before the scandalous New York order or nursing homes, Florida’s Division of Emergency Management on March 15 issued its own executive order tightly regulating entry into nursing homes, including strict rules of admission for staff and incoming patients.

The Florida agency’s coordinator, who was designated by DeSantis as the state’s coordinating officer for the pandemic, issued a March 15 mandate that prohibited entry into nursing homes except for a narrow list.


On March 18, Florida also imposed a universal rule mandating face masks in nursing homes. And it later established Coronavirus-dedicated nursing homes.

Though DeSantis knows about the rising cases in his state, he is adamant on reopening, but making sure to protect the vulnerable population.
Read the full story here.
Image Credit: Orlando Weekly
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