Mike Pence Releases Coronavirus BOMBSHELL

Here’s what he said…

Vice President Mike Pence recently announced that millions of antibody tests to combat the coronavirus, were being produced every month. He said, “A point that I will ask Dr. Birx to expand on in just a moment is that fact that beyond the new 15-minute tests by Abbott laboratories, beyond what we expect to be, a new antibody test which may well be approved by the FDA in just a matter of days. An antibody test that would be produced at the rate of 20 million tests a month.”

“The reality is that those commercial laboratories that the president brought in here the better part of two months ago and initiated the public and private partnership with, have been producing hundreds of thousands of tests every single week. But as Dr. Birx and our team have apprehended, we believe at this point in time that of the Roche equipment out there that does the high-speed testing, and we informed governors of this today, we think that some 20% of that capacity is not being used. With regard to the Abbott m2000 systems, we told governors today that we think 75% of that laboratory capacity that exists in the United States today is not being utilized by our governors.”

So now it’s up to the governors and state officials to start helping instead of sitting around doing nothing. We need everyone to do something in order to completely eradicate this virus.

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: The Atlantic

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