Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Migrants Learn Lesson The Hard Way

As the stream of migrants continues to pour through central America, they seem to be becoming aware of a painful truth. 

That truth is that the goodwill so many have relied on as they seek to illegally enter another country, is drying up. 

These people abandoned their homes in the hope so that someone else would care for their needs. But the tens of thousands of migrants that have come before have already exhausted what charity could be afforded them.

“What causes me pain is that the baby asks me for food and there are days when I can’t provide it,” said 22-year-old Madison Mendoza, who fled Honduras with her 2-year-old son. “I thought that with the baby, people would help me on road.”

Mendoza is just one mother and child pair among 5,000 to 8,000 migrants that have taken refuge in the southern state of Chiapas. 

Truckers are told they will be fined if they are caught transporting illegal migrants. Churches, town governments and charitable locals have already given all they could to those that came before. 

These caravans set out with nothing and expect everything to be provided for them. Now they’re distressed that the there is nothing left for them to take. Undoubtedly a hard lesson to learn but one that should also be observed by the United States. 

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  • Jack. Noble
    Jack. Noble

    They should receive FULL benefits at retirement IF they become USA Citizens!! If they do not study & become a citizen. No SS. !!!

  • Billv

    Thank Obama and the DemocRAT party for your problems. They opened the door when it was supposeto be closed for illegals. There is the right way and then the wrong way which the Democrats push. The Democrats are only for the laws they like and the rest of the laws they do not give dam or care. The DemocRAT party is the lawless party and despise legal citizens except if you go their way.0

  • Joseph A.F. Sadowski

    it is time for everyone in other countries to start to enforce their own laws, and to stop the open hands giving attitude they expect till they get to America, and knowing the doors are closed in America they should be stopped ASAP and realizing they could be sitting in Mexico for 2 years or longer waiting for a Judge to accept them or Send them back home is no wonderful Idear for people looking for handouts, Handouts for 2 years is no laughing matter and should not be expected by anyone! Send them back home now before there is no way of getting back there at all!

    These people are all free loaders who want a free life and to send half the money they get free from us to be transported back in the form of electronic services WU

  • Billie Ansley

    I do feel sorry for some of them but I just don’t understand why these people think that they are so entitled that they can just break into our country like they are doing. What else do they expect from us? I feel overwhelmed with this going on and no longer care what happens to them. That is the honest truth.

  • Illegal Aliens

    I’m for building the wall… now! It would have been easy it it weren’t for Venegful Dems and some weak ass Republicans! I’ve always supported legal immigration . apply, follow the process , and it may lead to a new life! This mess is not even close, these waves of violators are illegal aliens , they are not migrants. We see the pictures, we see the kids…. our hearts go out …. but we have laws for a reason. Courts have blocked the process and it’s going to financially bankrupt us. The hardworking tax payers will get screwed again. So open borders means they all come in: rapists, gang members, murders, criminals, diseases, lazy asses that are already stating benefits are why their coming, you can see the young men displaying violence and beligerence at the wall and climbing it.
    We really need more pieces of crap in America, can’t even handle what we have, can’t take care of our homeless and elderly now, so put millions more on welfare! Most aliens don’t qualify for asylum… being from a poverty country does not qualify for entrance. If it did we’d have 1/3 of the worlds population wanting in! Maybe aliens should put their energy in trying to fix the govt in their own countries, and using birth control would be a real good idea. The latest research says only 30 percent of aliens will ever hold jobs that pay taxes over a 10 year period, 70 percent of those these entering now will immediately go on benefits and have no plans to get off!
    Americans owe them nothing, we are not the world keepers! It funny how all the do gooders want to give money away, other people’s future, but , they sit back and preach but don’t pay for their bull shit ideas!
    We don’t appreciate that we are blessed with what we have in America, that our children at least have a chance to live a nice life! If we don’t get real, we, our children, and grandkids could easily become a 3 rd World Country. If you haven’t been to one go visit, it will open your eyes!

  • Aileen

    What do these illegal immigrants expect?
    American generosity has been taken for granted and abused for many years.
    I’m over forking out and getting poorer just to provide for these people who most likely will not ever provide for themselves or contribute to our country.
    Stop them at the border and Never give amnesty or citizenship.

  • Quixtop

    What do you mean “Undoubtedly a hard lesson to learn but one that should also be observed by the United States.”
    The United States has been warning people not to come except legally through official channels for decades. What hard lesson should the US learn? That no matter what, they’ll be blamed?

  • vicky Huss


  • Shelba Herring

    It is a shame that these people set out to invade another country without learning the facts that they would have to face in order to reach that country, they expect people to give them food, shelter and rides in order to reach their objective faster, feel sorry for the children that are dragged into this mess they had no choice but the adults are old enough to understand the problems and know there is no pie in the sky forever, sooner or later it is depleted

  • Ginger

    Who do these people think is going to support them? It’s not the US government, it’s We The People. The government gets funds from employed citizens. Personally, not one Mexican or other immigrant has smiled at me and said “Thank you”. My husband and I are self-employed and pay a lot to Tax Expense: local, state, federal, individual, corporate, property, occupation, self-employment, personal property, gas, etc. The employed citizens pay for you be we take absolutely no government benefits: welfare, utilities, food stamps, education, medical, etc.
    Taxation without Representation!!!! And no thank-you’s to boot, but instead they burn the USA flag and carry the country’s flag that they are fleeing. Close the borders until immigration is funded by private sources. No more government payouts whatsoever to non-citizens.

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