Mayor Declares He Will Do THIS To Trump

He has some serious problems…

The New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, recently stated that if Trump were to send federal law enforcement to the city, he would take it upon himself to sue the administration.

De Blasio said, “All over the country, people are distressed but he president’s deep, unwavering desire to send agents all over the country where they are not needed.” He also called the federal interventions “unproductive” and “unconstitutional.”

He continued saying, “It’s dangerous. We can’t allow it here in New York City or anywhere else. I want to be very, very clear, that we will not allow this to happen. We are New Yorkers and we won’t take lightly if we see federal officers in New York City. If we do, we’ll be in court.”

The violence across the country has spiked and Trump has every right to send out federal interventions if he believes the state officials are not doing their part in stopping the violence.

Obviously the mayor of New York City is not doing his part which would be the only reason for Trump to suggest sending federal law enforcement. If he did not, there would probably be liberals shouting about how the President is doing nothing about the violence happening in cities.

Read the whole story here.

Image Credit: ABC7 New York

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