Liberals DEVASTATED After Super Tuesday FIASCO

Serves them right…

California Democrats who voted early for Amy Klobuchar or Pete Buttigieg are “reportedly feeling frustrated by those candidates’ decisions to drop out of the presidential race.” Apparently a large amount of Californians vote before the actual primary through mail so voters who voted for the two drop outs will not have another opportunity to vote for someone else.

A report said:

“[M]any who already cast their ballots are feeling frustrated as they wake up on Election Day.

‘It’s disappointing to think my vote won’t matter,’ said Carol Frost, a San Jose librarian who sent in her ballot for Amy Klobuchar weeks ago.

Meanwhile, voters who already sent in their ballots for the candidates who dropped out are out of luck — there’s no procedure for a do-over in California, and voting a second time could violate state law.”

The Democrats are a very fickle party and this was bound to happen sometime. Now their own people are mad that their votes don’t matter. Read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: Richmond Times-Dispatch

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