Liberal Journalist SLAMMED After Ridiculous Lie

There’s no getting out of this one…

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman recently decided to tweet an alarming message suggesting that someone was hacking his phone and downloading disgusting things.

“Well, I’m on the phone with my computer security service, and as I understand it someone compromised my IP address and is using it to download child pornography.”

Obviously this random message would have many alarmed, but his response to the original tweet did not clarify what he was talking about. Krugman wrote, “The Times is now on the case. Deleted original tweet. Times thinks it may have been a scam. Anyway, will have more security in future.” 

A response to Krugman put perfectly what he should have done, but didn’t. “If I found out someone downloaded child porn using my IP address I would immediately hire a lawyer, file a police report and call the FBI. I would NOT try to massage the PR problem on social media.”

This is not the first time Krugman has gotten “hacked” and it doesn’t like it will be the last. Read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: Fox News

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