Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Kayleigh McEnany Takes AIM At Power Hungry Attorney

She was put in her place.

Recently, a Missouri official decided to charge the McCloskey couple with felonies after they tried to protect themselves against protesters.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner charged the McCloskey couple with an unlawful use of a firearm.

After the charge, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany decided to respond saying that Trump believes what is happening to the couple is an “abuse of power” and they should be pardoned.

McEnany stated, “[Trump] said, ‘It is absolutely absurd what is happening to the McCloskeys. He noted that this is an extreme abuse of power by the prosecutor.”

McEnany also added, “They were completely within their right and it’s an egregious abuse of power.”

What has this world come to where protecting yourself can be deemed a felony. This is the reason why Democrats cannot get presidency or America will fall apart.

Read the whole story here.

Image Credit: The New Yorker

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