Saturday, December 14, 2019

Investigation Details Leaked On Notre Dame Fire

There has been much speculation about what caused the terrible fire that brought disaster on the Notre Dame Cathedral, but now police investigators are speaking out.

A Paris police official has revealed that investigators inspecting the case currently believe an electrical short-circuit to be responsible for starting the blaze.

The Assosciated Press has discovered that investigators have made this initial assessment but because of hazardous conditions have not been granted access to the cathedral’s damaged interior. 

The investigators have so far questioned roughly 40 people, both cathedral staff and renovations workers, to come up with their conclusion. 

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  • $800 bonus
    $800 bonus

    Very reasonable. Let us all relax and wait until a proper investigation and evaluation can be done.
    Take a deep breath and await the results…fortunately by non biased Frenchmen and not
    American politicians.

  • George "BUFFALO" Kehl

    Just another cover up to save face for TERRORIST MUSLIMS…

  • rangerrebew

    They believe the fire was started in some wiring but haven’t been able to inspect the building? What kind of nonsense is this? It makes me think a coverup of some sort is under way.

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