Saturday, December 14, 2019

Instagram DELETES Veteran’s Photo Over This

Instagram is once again forcing its brand of progressively biased censorship on the American people and this time it’s a wounded veteran.

Army vet Omar Avila lost his right leg and suffered from third and fourth-degree burns over almost his entire body. But that didn’t stop the proud American from continuing to live a full life as an avid hunter and second amendment advocate.

This brought Avila to an NRA show where he happened to meet Donald Trump Jr. and share a few words. The two posed for a photo together and Avila happily shared the moment on his Instagram. 

That apparently triggered some kind of algorithm at Instagram that tracks conservatives enjoying themselves, causing the post to be removed for allegedly violating the site’s terms of service. 

Trump Jr. caught wind of the injustice and reposted the image to his own Instagram while blasting the social media platform in the process.

Avila has since reposted the image to his own account. Now that the issue has wide spread attention, let’s see if Instagram takes the post down again or tries to explain the “violation.”

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  • Tim Grant
    Tim Grant

    Can’t get a message they sorry. Apple is preventing me by putting up blocks-gift come one. Goebbels is alive and well in the social media and mainstream news!

  • The problem hear has nothing to do with algorithms, but it shows a black man being very friendly with a Trump, and that destroys the liberals false accusations that the Trumps are all racists. Not only is this man black, but he is also a battlefield wounded veteran amputee that seems to love the Trumps. So this censorship was not done by a computer algorithm, but by a liberal person who didn’t like what he was seeing, and wanted to make sure other Americans wouldn’t see it and discover the lies about the Trumps being racists.

  • Gideon Rockwell
    Gideon Rockwell

    Don Jr. is great. I mean look at this guy, he would fit in with my bunch at the Gun Club any day. Thank You for your service Omar and God Bless you. It is sad the left are so thin skinned. They are supposed to be the sensitive caring ones according to them. I see they have more in common with the Bolsheviks that murdered the Czar and his family and laid the ground work for the Soviet Union.

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