Sunday, September 15, 2019

Hillary’s So Desperate She’s Making Stuff Up Now

It isn’t surprising that if anyone is upset about President Trump being cleared by the Mueller report, it’s Hillary Clinton. 

But now Trump’s former rival in the 2016 elections is making ridiculous claims that would stretches even socialist imaginations. 

At the Time 100 Summit, Clinton asserted that if Donald Trump had not been president at the time of Mueller’s probe, he would have been indicted. 

“I think there’s enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted,” Clinton announced. “But because of the rule in the Justice Department that you can’t indict a sitting president, the whole matter of obstruction was very directly sent to the Congress.”

However that was as far as Clinton was willing to go. She backed down from calling for Trump’s impeachment and instead focused on investigating Mueller’s findings first. 

“If at that point they believe high crimes and misdemeanors have been committed, then I think it is the obligation of the Congress to put forward articles of impeachment,” Clinton said.

“I’m really of the mind that the Mueller report is part of the beginning,” she added. “It’s not the end.”

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  • J

    This from the demoscum LOSER that clearly had enough evidence against her with her deleted email scandal.thst she should have been arrested, prosecuted and sent to jail. However, the cover up and co-conspiracy from several members of the Oscumma regime kept her soryazz out of where she belongs.

  • Mike W
    Mike W

    Hillary is making stuff up “now”? Where have you been? The whole Steele Dossier was her idea. Christopher Steele himself said he was hired by Hillary to come up with something to challenge the election results in case she lost. What makes that so damned weird was watching all the times on the campaign trail and debates where Hillary pressed Donald Trump about accepting the election results. She had this in her back pocket the whole time she was taunting him. ….and in the end it was the 2 time loser Hillary – who would not accept the results. Boo Hoo Baaa Waaa – give the old bitch a bottle and put her to bed.

    • Carla

      Well Now I Would Listen To Her Because She’s Telling America She Did More Criminal Activities Than Buying A Foreign Spy. She knows it’s a fact. Do you not reliaze what the DNC, Clinton, FBI, DOJ DID ? They Paid A Foreign Spy For A Fraudulent Document Against American Citizens, American Presidential Election. ESPIONAGE, TREASON, TERRORIST, DOMESTIC ENIMIES OF AMERICA! A DEATH OFFENSE ! And All The DEMONcrap Polititians Allowed It While They Sold America, Demanded Foreign Invasion, Death Of American Citizens Babies, Enslaved AMERICAN CITIZENS FOR ILLEGALS, Stole TRILLIONS , Placed Foreign Enimies In Political Seats Over American Citizens That Demand Foreign Law On American Soil ! Name One Thing Demoncrap Polititians have done FOR American Citizens, Just One ! And Now The FBI has arrested American Citizens Because They Formed A Militia At The Border. The American Constitution Gives Them The Right To Defend America Against Foreign Invasion ! Demand President Trump Arrest Those So Called American Agents For Treason, DOMESTIC ENIMIES OF AMERICA! False Imprisonment Of American Citizens!

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes

    Why is anyone allowing this crook the use of a soapbox?

  • Aletha

    She has so much against her why would she come out with criminal assertions against Trump when they are going to investigate her Dossier…I would lay real low!!?

  • Julia

    Hell is coming and coming real soon for Obama and Hillary!

  • Eleanor

    Hillary is the biggest liar in the USA. Now she thinks and talks like she has something wrong with her brain.

  • Kamkoz

    I would love to see Julian assaunge go before the senate.
    He has, from day one, emphatically stated that Russia had nothing to do with the Clinton emails.
    Without the emails being exposed, the “collusion” with Russia would have never been an issue.
    The collusion effort was a smoke screen to cover up another Clinton nightmare after Bengazi that backfired on the Democratic party members involved in the scheme……
    Nothing more…. nothing less…….

  • David Woodstein

    She will gets what’s coming to her and the rest of the crooked Demowitches in the bunch of DOJ and FBI crooks who spayed on President Trump ther time is coming to be Investigated and thay will be found GUILTY with that Hansen Obama send them all to Prison and make sure the Prison is Levebsworth a Prison. Do not send to one of Thoes Country club Prison. Make sure it is a Maximum Security Prison. Don’t let them off easy.

  • Amy

    The delusion of Hillary knows no limit! She of all people should not be commenting on this AT ALL when she is the one who committed crimes and was not punished. She is really gone crazy.

  • Sam

    Crooked Hillary…She’s got balls as big as bowling balls. Instead of trying to be in invisible, she shows her soryazz by criticizing the President…How low! What a lying dispicable, nasty person….She has no shame. She’s an example of a true Democrat!

  • Anthony Alfaro
    Anthony Alfaro

    Hillary has been lying since the “losing” then miraculously finding the Rose Law Firm files, the sniper fire in Bosnia, etc.

  • Fighter for freedom

    Did she not provide the funding for the steele dossier that was written from comments on CNN’s website. She is attempting to double down on the lies which only this vodka sleeping pill abuser thinks makes sense – delusion is sad to watch in her case but makes it easier to consider watching her swing from one of the trees on the national planted by our founding fathers whom did so for this occassion – damn were they good or what?

  • Spydersniper

    What does she mean,”IfTrump wasn’t president, he would have been indicted.”? If he wasn’t elected president, the charges would never have been brought. We all know Clinton was behind this. She just didn’t expect the report to include the information against her!

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