Governor’s Latest Statement SHOCKS Republicans

This is what he said…

Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan recently stated that he will be “part of the discussion” to help re-shape the Republican Party after President Trump leaves office.

Hogan stated, “I think a more commonsense Republican Party that returns to its roots – I think there’s a market for that. Certainly Trump is going to be staying involved and somebody to contend with but there are going to be 15 or 16 candidates that want to be the next Donald Trump, that are strong supporters of the president, but I think there’s a big chunk of people that would like to see us go in a different direction.”

Seems like Hogan was not happy with how Trump lead during his four years and is wanting the Republicans to revert back to how they were when Ronald Reagan was president.

Read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: Wbal-Tv

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