Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Fox Hosts WARNING To Trump

Here’s what he said.

According to Breitbart News, Fox News Channel’s host Steve Hilton warned President Donald Trump of the 2020 election stating he has to run on “positive patriotism.”

“Elections are always about the future, not past,” Hilton stated. “Here’s what else I’ve learned as someone who’s actually done it, not just talked about it: No one wins elections by just being negative. What was Hillary Clinton’s campaign? ‘I’m not Trump.’ Look how that turned out. You think that ‘I’m not Biden’ is enough to win in November? Forget about it. People vote for things, not against things. You will never win an election just by ranting at the mob or black lives matter. What’s your positive alternative? President Trump needs to give America a big, bold, positive plan for the future. That’s how we won last time. The media loves to call Trump negative and divisive, but actually the winning Trump in 2016 was positive and specific: build the wall, drain the swamp, Make America Great Again, these are positive messages — not grumbling and grievance, but can-do optimism. That’s the Trump we need to see.”

He continued, “Looking at what’s going on in this country right now, all my experience tells me that the way Trump gets reelected is positive patriotism. Across the nation, the silent majority — they’re concerned about many issues healthcare, crime, taxes but there’s one thing that rises above all of that. It’s a fundamental fear that we are losing our country, that the incredible pioneering American spirit, practical and problem-solving, ambitious and optimistic, always working toward that more perfect union in the future but still proud of the past. People are truly frightened that in a few short years it will be gone, that soon we won’t even be celebrating July the Fourth or anything else to do with America.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: Business Insider

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