Failed Democrat Comes Back With A Vengeance

Does he really think that’s going to work?

Failed 2020 Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently announced that he believes Trump holding a rally is “defying science and sacrificing lives.”

Sanders said, “This is what narcissism is about. Trump, in order to hear cheers from an adoring crowd, will defy science and sacrifice lives—not just those who go to his rally but those they come in contact with.”

“For the health of the American people he must be defeated.”

Trump is going to be holding his first rally since the pause because of the coronavirus. The rally is said to be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma and many are excited for the event.

The governor of Oklahoma Kevin Stitt said, “We’re excited we’re being recognized as one of the first states to safely and measurably reopen. I’m looking for a potential other venue that maybe we could move it outside. It’s still kind of in the works.”

Sanders should know that all safety precautions will be upheld while the rally is going on. So just like safe protesting, he should be all for safe rallying but he’s a hypocrite so he’s not.

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: Alton Telegraph

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