DNC Chairman RIDICULES Herman Cain

What kind of person is he to mock a deceased person!

DNC Chairman Tom Perez recently used the death of Herman Cain in his attack aimed at Trump. Perez was interviewed by Politico and asked about his thoughts on Trump holding political rallies.

Perez brought up the death of Herman Cain from coronavirus and stated, “Was that a good model for how people should conduct themselves? Ask the family of Herman Cain.”

Dan Calabrese, editor for Cain’s website, made a statement after Perez’s comments saying, “For Tom Perez to make the statement he made is a ghoulish attempt to exploit a man’s death for political advantage while pretending unconvincingly to care. And the last thing Herman’s family needs is to be bothered with gratuitous nonsense like this while still grieving.”

This is how the Democrats play. They have no boundaries and will use anything to attack Republicans. No one is safe against the Democrats, not even the deceased.

Read the whole story here.

Image Credit: Common Dreams

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