Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Disney Change Up Has EVERYONE Upset

As Disney prepares to unveil a streaming service of its very own, rumors of changes to classics have many crying foul.

Disney+ draws ever closer to going live as a $7-per-month service that features Disney’s vast and iconic entertainment. Most of them anyway. 

The media giant is coming under fire for what many claim is a “whitewashing” of its more controversial offerings. 

For example, Song of the South will not be available on the service as it has mostly been banished for it’s depiction of African-Americans slaving on plantations for white masters. Likewise the classic Dumbo, will have scenes dominated by the racially insensitive crows (one of which is named Jim Crow) removed. 

The move has people across the board upset, with civil rights activists claiming that trying to erase a racist past removes the opportunity to learn from it while others would simply prefer not to have the classics altered. 

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  • Linda K Hardoin

    I would love to see Song of the south again. Before any one get upset, let me tell you why. the music was great. Yes I know, but llife was not so simple back then. My grand son who is 1/2 black is interested in what life was like before. By the way my grand son is 23. I remember when I left my jouner high and was confronted by a young black girl who ask me if I wanted to fight, She stopped looking at me.. She was looking at my friends Calvin and Clem. That was really nice of them to protect me. That is my story. What does color have to do with it.

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