Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Democrats FREAK OUT Over William Barr

Democrats are losing it as evidenced by the chairs of five House committees throwing themselves at attorney General William Barr.

Democratic Reps. Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings and Eliot Engel have all signed a letter that demands Barr cancel his planned press conference that is slated right before he makes the Mueller Report public.

“He should let the full report speak for itself,” the statement reads.

“The Attorney General should cancel the press conference and provide the full report to Congress, as we have requested,” the letter continues. “With the Special Counsel’s fact-gathering work concluded, it is now Congress’ responsibility to assess the findings and evidence and proceed accordingly.”

Wanting to press their point, these Democrats have also gotten on social media to blast Barr. They claim he is acting to shape public opinion and give the White House time to come up with a response. 

All of which is just more of the typical paranoia that the obstructionists rely on so greatly. The report release follows the press conference, the world will be able to review the document and make their own decisions. Barr knows this and therefore knows that anything he says will be verified with the release.  

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  • Michael Martin Cates

    Schiff and the other DEMOCRATS are really worried that US the AMERICAN PEOPLE are going to HOLD Democrats Responsible for WAISTING OUR HARD EARNED TAX MONEY!!!!!

  • Radone

    I find it funny that each one of you basically use the same words to comment telling me you all were scripted. You thought your demands will stop Barr, but you soon realized you have no say. You are not as important as you think you are. Barr did what he did according to the law. If you don’t like that then get legislation passed to Chang that law. You all cannot be trusted and you havre lost the respect of the American people because all you want to do is stop Trump and throw him out. Well it’s time you learned to put up with him for 6 more years as we had to do with the one you worshipped who should not have been president of this country and who tried to bring America to its knees. Thank God Trump came along and was elected to clean the swamp and that includes you all. It is time politicians stop getting rich on taxpayers. We are sick and tired of all of you so we put someone in the Oval Office to run America like a business. And guess what? It is working and he has done more for the American people and this country than any president in the past 50+ years. And he isn’t even getting paid to do it. We will not let you take him out. It is great that we have a President who care about us and USA.

    • Bill

      Totally agree with you Radone 100%. We took 8 years of that anti-American race baiting fool that sat in the White House and he still continuing to reek havoc. The Democratic Party and liberals started there war against Trump before even getting elected and never gave him a chance to prove himself only because Hellery lost them they all needed there safe place and there teddy bear.

    • Sam


  • Kristine Hoffman
    Kristine Hoffman

    Crap 💩 happens. YAHOO time for WE THE PEOPLE first celebration 🎉 next celebration 🎉 will be when they “LOCK THEM UP “ NO ankle bracelet we are talking general prison population for each and every one involved in this time consuming and costly investigation into OUR duly elected POTUS TRUMP. START at the top with Hillary Clinton (lock her up) Obama and the rest of the liars, leakers, and left wing liberals. JUDGEMENT DAY IS A BITCH ain’t it. The old saying “what goes around comes around ,”. LOVING 🥰 THIS DAY. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR FOUNDING FATHERS FOR CHECKS AND BALANCES. And for AG BARR who is honorable and followed the letter of law.

  • Sam

    Yeah…Well, you ignorant buttwads wanted it first so you could put YOUR spin on it…

    It didn’t happen…

    Put that in your pipes and smoke it!

  • KenP

    After reading the report I would think the AG probably has a better understanding of what’s in it than anyone else. It’s appropriate that he does the news conference to hopefully get the right information out before congress get’s their hands on it. You can bet that the Dems are going to put their spin on it and it won’t be close to what the AG has come up with. Most Americans could care less about the Mueller report. It’s time congress get off their vindictive, destructive and biased agenda and get back to the job or representing the American people. What they’re doing now certainly is not doing that. They are totally bogged down in politics.

  • Donald Burkhart

    I find this amazingly hypocritical of the Democrat party!!
    The very ones that are actually Guilty of collusion, ARE the Democrats!!!
    It’s high time, the justice department start investigating every politician, that told the American people that there was Proof of collusion by the President of the United States with Russia.
    The Democrats and some Republicans all lied and tried to oust our duly elected President, by a coup d’ e”-tat.
    Every one of them should be charged and tried for treason to their oath, against the President, citizens, constitution and government of the United States!!!

  • Joseph

    I read the Mueller summary, I have not read the entire report yet. I can tell you this as much as they tried to link President Trump to Russia they could not. Mueller and his gang of 13 angry democrats did all they could to hide the true collusion and prove an unprovable case against our President. What is happening now is just a smoke screen of angry democrats with no idea how to govern. They believe governing is telling people what they want them to do. They have never stopped long enough to hear the people they work for. There is no leadership in either party! That is why the people elected an outsider, we want results not rhetoric! With the Democrats we get the latter. Republicans have turned into the same kind of self centered self absorbed creatures. They are all up there to get rich off of our tax dollars! Our forefathers had it right, they wrote the constitution to last centuries and it has. I’m not sure anyone in DC even understands the document, I know the do not understand the preamble.

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