Democrat Senator Makes INSANE Accusation About Trump

Does he even hear what’s coming out of his mouth?

Senator Chris Murphy appeared on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” recently and stated that he believes there is “still the chance” for Trump to “incite another attempt at the Capitol.”

He said, “So long as Donald Trump is the head of the Republican Party, they are going to find themselves in the minority. They are going to lose races for the House and the Senate, especially after the insurrection attempt. But it’s also important to note that the threat to the country is not over.”

“We have 5,000 National Guard Members surrounding the Capitol complex. Why? Because there are still existing threats, present threats to the security of the Capitol. So long as Donald Trump is empowered by Senate Republicans, there is still the chance that he is going to incite another attempt at the Capitol or stir up similar trouble at the state legislative level or in a governor’s election when things don’t go his way his way. The threat is still real to American democracy.”

He must have a real, irrational fear of former President Trump. Read the rest of the story and watch his rant here

Image Credit: The CT Mirror

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