Democrat Makes INSANE Trump Accusation

How could she think of this?

Democratic representative Norma Torres recently called out Trump’s administration for “exporting” the coronavirus from America to countries like Guatemala by deporting illegals with the virus.

Torres stated that countries like Guatemala “don’t have the number of the test kits available to even understand what has already been brought and exported to their countries.”

She simply stated, “I do believe that the U.S. is exporting the virus.”

CBS News also stated that “at least 99 migrants recently deported to Guatemala by the U.S. have tested positive for coronavirus as of Sunday, according to the nation’s public health ministry.”

Also, “deportees from the U.S. make up nearly 20% of the 500 coronavirus cases in Guatemala, which has had 15 pandemic-related deaths.”

President Trump is trying to protect Americans so it would make sense for him to call out or deport anyone who isn’t a citizen trying to get into the country in a time of a crisis. Read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

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