Sunday, December 15, 2019

Democrat ASSAILS Christian Woman On Video

Apparently Democrat State Representatives in Pennsylvania don’t have anything better to do than film themselves harassing a lone woman engaged in peaceful protest.

Democrat and Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims took to the streets to film himself picking on a woman who is peacefully protesting outside a Planned Parenthood office by engaging in prayer. 

She’s not screaming at those who use the establishment, she isn’t picketing with signs, she’s not throwing objects or otherwise making a fuss. Just praying that the people will see the error of their ways. That was too much for Sims. 

“She is an old, white lady who’s going to try to avoid showing you her face,” Sims says on video as he circles his victim telling her to “pray at home.”

“How many children have you clothed today?” Sims fires off in judgment. “How many children have you put shoes on their feet today? Have you fed any children today, or have you just stood out in front of a Planned Parenthood shaming people for something that they have a constitutional right to do?”

Sims’ behavior is despicable but it gets worse. He then encourages viewers who may know the woman to reveal her home address so that the harassment can continue. 

“If you know who this woman is, and if you can give me her address, we’ll protest out in front of her home. […] This is what they deserve,” Sims instructs.

The encounter is currently up on Youtube.

As backlash immediately came after Sims, he ironically declared his critics to be “bullies” on his Twitter, telling them to “bring it.”

Sims is due to get his own comeuppance soon it seems as many Republicans are taking him up on the challenge. 

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  • mary McDaniel

    When you see a pregnant woman, smile and tell her thank you for having the love and courage to bring a baby into the world.
    Perhaps this women who was doing a single protest was trying to spare the women from suffering the pain that follows an abortion. Grief will last forever. They have robbed themselves of the greatest joy in the world. The love of a child is priceless. It does not take a religion or a bible for women to know the true purpose of nature. What animal kills it”s own?

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