Wednesday, July 28, 2021

CNN Receives TERRIBLE News From Lawyer

Things will be going downhill from here…

The lawyer for Nicholas Sandmann has recently accused CNN’s Brian Stelter for violating a confidentiality agreement and is threatening that he will get Stelter fired.

Sandmann was recently part of a defamation lawsuit where CNN ended up settling by giving the boy a multimillion dollar settlement.

Stelter had recently retweeted a comment from another attorney stating that Sandmann “was undoubtedly paid nuisance value settlement & nothing more.” Sandmann’s lawyer Lin Wood then spoke out stating that what Stelter did was a violation of the confidentiality agreement.

Wood also tweeted, “This retweet by @brianstelter may have cost him his job at @CNN. It is called breach of confidentiality agreement. Brian Stelter is a liar. I know how to deal with liars.”

Stelter should have just kept quiet, instead he might be dealing with some legal action.

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: Chicago Tribune

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