Wednesday, July 28, 2021

CNN Panelists Have MENTAL BREAKDOWN After Debate

It’s surprising they aired this on live television.

After the recent 2020 presidential debate, CNN decided to host a panel where several hosts talked about their thoughts about the debate. However, the whole panel was just CNN hosts having breakdowns.

Host Jake Tapper stated, “That was a hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck. That was the worst debate I have ever seen. In fact, it wasn’t even a debate; it was a disgrace. And it’s primarily because of President Donald Trump, who spent the entire time interrupting, not abiding by the rules he agreed to, lying, maliciously attacking the son of the vice president.”

“When asked to condemn white supremacists, he brought up the name of a neo-fascist, far-right group and said, ‘stand back and stand by.’… I can tell you one thing for sure, the American people lost, tonight. That is for sure.”

Dana Bash added, “That was a s*** show. I couldn’t agree with you more, Jake.”

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