CNN Host’s Absolutely DISGUSTING Comment About Rush Limbaugh

How could a person even think this…

Rush Limbaugh has come out and told everyone about his recent cancer diagnosis and it looks like liberals are jumping on the opportunity to voice their real opinions about him. The former host for CNN’s ‘Believer’ segment Reza Aslan has come out and wrote, “Ask yourself this simple question: Is the world a better place or a worse place with Rush Limbaugh in it?”

What kind of comment is that? Is he saying that he would be fine with a death of another human being? This is stark contrast between how Republicans treated liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg when she was going through recovery after her cancer treatment.

We don’t believe in celebrating the potential death of another human being, but it looks like Aslan does. He was hit with a large amount of hate prompting him to reply with, “I am not ‘celebrating’ anyone’s diagnosis. I’m posing an important philosophical question.” Looks like he doesn’t know how to apologize for his actions like a typical liberal.

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Image Credit: News Punch

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