Now this is crossing the line.

According to Breitbart News, CNN host Anderson Cooper attacked Donald Trump Jr. stating he “just wants his dad to love him or notice him in a way that’s not mocking him.”

Cooper stated, “Apparently, someone with a blue check on Twitter saw the initial ad and was outraged and claimed that we had booked Greta Thunberg to be an expert on a coronavirus panel with other health experts. Then, of course, Donny Trump Jr. jumped into this, which is weird. Because I thought he was allegedly running whatever remains of the Trump Organization. I mean, shouldn’t that be, like, a really busy job since it’s, you know, allegedly such a great big company? Anyway, once DJTJ started typing, then other people with blue checks on Twitter also started doing their thing. Because everyone has to produce content these days. That’s what it’s all about. It’s like a tween on TikTok. You’ve got to produce content, lest you miss out on a cycle of phony outrage. Then someone who’s apparently a reporter at Forbes wrote an article about this alleged controversial booking and the concern about it. And the New York Post today wrote about it as well, claiming we were having her on a panel, which is what the first person on Twitter was claiming, which was made up. It was made up then. It was made up today in the Post.”

He continued, “I get Donny Trump, Jr. attacking CNN and a 17-year-old Swede. That’s like low-hanging fruit. It’s like paying thousands of dollars to shoot exotic animals on a game farm, you know, it’s easy. And I know Donny Jr. just wants his dad to love him or notice him in a way that’s not mocking him. But I just find it fascinating to watch the phony online outrage machine generate content on Twitter based on something that was never real to begin with. It’s kind of surreal to watch it all just kind of play out. In the words of our dear leader, sad.” You can watch a clip of Cooper’s remarks here.

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