Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Candidate Caves To Peer Pressure

One 2020 presidential candidate has states that they will no longer use the phrase “all lives matter” after claiming to have realized what it means to the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Democrat Pete Buttigieg has shared that he will stop using the phrase saying he understands now that it was being used to block activism. 

At least that how things appear on the surface. The reality is that Buttigieg would like to avoid the criticism that resulted after a State of the City address from 2015 revealed he used the phrase. 

Saying ‘all lives matter” shouldn’t be an issue, which even Buttigieg admitted saying this statement that seems very anodyne and something that nobody could be against,” before adding that it, “actually wound up being used to devalue what the Black Lives Matter movement was telling us.” 

Even in his declaration to cease use of the phrase, Buttigieg had to specify “in that context.”

“Since learning about how that phrase was being used to push back on that activism, I’ve stopped using it in that context.”

Apparently a little pressure is all it takes to get this presidential hopeful to roll over. 

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  • John Degges

    Perhaps Mr. Buttigi believes his life does not matter?


    What’s the haps…….Why the ‘change’……..
    Is his HUSBAND …..BLACK…….??????????????????????????
    Another HOMO trying to be AMERICA’S FIRST ‘QUEER’ PRESIDENT…..
    Sorry ‘MARY’………We’ve already had one….VERY DISGUSTING….AND ….a PIECE OF SHIDT………
    I wouldn’t vote for ‘BUTTGIG’ on a bet….
    I’m not about to put another ‘FUDGE-PACKER’ in our ‘BELOVED’ WHITE HOUSE…….NO WAY…!!!!!!!

  • Concerned

    Instead of reporting about this dribble the Press should be more concerned about an article yesterday in USA Today about Democratic Presidential hopeful, Pete Buttigieg and his faith. In the column by Kirsten Powers we learn Pete Buttigieg thinks Beasti Aality is okay because Jesus did not condemn it.

  • David Dench
    David Dench

    Fuck you. And FUCK, black lives matter. It’s a racist organization. Most blacks don’t need someone making statements for them. All lives matter. Asshole, YOU WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT. BUT FEEL FREE TO BURM SOME OF THE DUMBOCRAT WAR CHEST. IDIOT.GO SUCK BALLS

  • david

    Black lives do not matter

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson

    WOW so all lives do not matter. I do not care what the terrorist group that call themselves Black lives Matter because they are truly The Black Panthers.

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