Biden’s Running Mate REVEALED?

This could change everything…

Many of Andrew Cuomo’s supporters have been pushing him to run with 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden as his Vice President, and though he has clearly stated that he has no intention of running for the White House, there has been many speculations.

Cuomo stated, “I’m not running for president. I was never running for president. I said from day one I wasn’t running for president. I’m not running for president now. I’m not playing politics.” But throughout the coronavirus crisis, Cuomo has been praised for his response in combating it which has led many of his supporters are pressuring him to run with Biden.

The major problem with Cuomo running with Biden is that Biden had pledged to make a female his running mate. Unless Biden were to go back on his words, which could be possible, Cuomo would not have a chance to become Biden’s VP.

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Image Credit: The New York Times

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