Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Biden’s NEW Promise If Elected

Joe Biden isn’t going to do anything.

In an attempt to strengthen 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti claimed that Biden will transition away from fracking during an appearance on CNN.

According to Breitbart, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked,  “In recent weeks, democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has broken with climate change activists over the issue of fracking, which releases not carbon but the greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere. Environmentalists want to ban fracking. Biden said he does not support banning fracking. I know that you think Biden is much better for the environment on climate change than President Trump. But on this issue, fracking, is Joe Biden on the wrong side?”

Garcetti responded, “Well, it’s very clear to all of us that we have to wind down our dependence on fossil fuel, from Joe Biden to myself and mayors across the country and across the world. You look at the markets. They’re not investing in any new oil and gas projects. And when they do, it costs three times as much in terms of the interest rates as renewables. And Joe Biden has probably the boldest plan to be by 2035 carbon neutral for all of our electricity generation. That’s a bigger and braver and bolder goal. It’s clear to me that all of us in a decade and a half will be looking at, as we have here in California. LA is the number one solar city in America, where we’ve sold power during some of the outages to the rest of the state, that we can do this and create jobs. And I think Joe is committed to that transition. And that’s what he’s talking about, those folks who work there today, making sure they have a job tomorrow.”

You can watch a clip of Garcetti’s comments here.

Image credit: Bloomberg

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