Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Biden Administration Receives TERRIBLE News

This is how you know they are doing bad.

The Biden administration is receiving criticism for their approach to domestic and international energy, and recently Senator Dan Sullivan chastised him.

Sullivan said, “The first few days of the new Biden administration have seen an unprecedented assault on resource development and energy jobs. An attack on the men and women, working men and women with good wages who produce really important resources for this great nation, and now for other countries because we export a lot of these resources.”

“It is great for the environment. Why do I say that? Some people tilt their heads. It is great for the environment because in America, certainly, in my state, Alaska, we have the highest standards on the environment of any place in the world by far. It is not even close. If you need energy, which you do, you should do it, produce it in the place that respects the environment the most, not Russia, not Saudi Arabia, America, Alaska.”

Read the rest of his statement here.

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Image Credit: SpaceNews

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