AG Barr BREAKS Silence On Protests

The left is running for cover.

According to CNS News, Attorney General William Barr slammed protesters stating “We can’t be ruled by mobs.”

Barr said demonstrations and protests “are fine,” up to a point “But when they become mob violence, we need to restore public order. We can’t be ruled by mobs. We have to be ruled by the legal process.”

He added, “Now, in this particular situation, there’s obviously legitimate demonstrators out there raising concerns about police abuse. But a lot of these demonstrations have been hijacked by essentially anarchistic groups and professional agitators, who are really in it just for the violence and the confrontation.”

He continued, “And so I do make a distinction between legitimate, peaceful demonstrators and these violent agitators who are involved throughout the country.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: Business Insider

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