Wednesday, November 20, 2019

300 Teens Go BERSERK In Amusement Park

It was anything but another day at the park over the weekend at Worlds of Fun amusement park in Kansas City, MO.

At roughly 9:30 pm, multiple police departments arrived at the park after “at least 10 to 15 different fights” broke out in the park involving 300 angry teenagers. 

25-year-old Madi-Lynn McDaniel witnessed the event and shared with the Kansas City Star that “They would take one kid and break up a fight and his friends, or her friends, would go after the cops.”

“Honest to god thought even we were going to get pepper sprayed. No one could leave because of how big it was,” McDaniel posted to Facebook. 

Despite the massive size of the brawl, no serious injuries were reported. The only reports indicating a cause show that a 17-year-old male was cited for “peace disturbance” and then released at the scene. 

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office released this statement on incident:

“Last night deputies at World’s of Fun requested assistance to disperse an unruly group of teenagers starting fights. One person was cited for Peace Disturbance and released at the scene. There were no injuries reported and no arrests were made. The group of bad actors at WOF only represent a fraction of guests that were there to enjoy the attractions. It’s unfortunate that families & children had their evening disrupted by these events. We will continue to work with WOF to ensure the safety of their guests & staff.”

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  • stadalberts

    Good God, what is WRONG with these kids these days. Go out and get a job, ya’ worthless pieces of CRAP!

  • Leo

    Can we see the photos of these “teenagers”?

  • Bill

    There a bunch of over entitled spoiled brats. There disrespectful and selfish. I’d hate to see what those kids like these kids would be like.

  • C. W.

    Young people don’t respect anybody, much less authority figures.

  • AFGus

    If I’d of ever been involved in something like that (I wouldn’t have because I was raised right), my Dad would have made sure that I regretted it for a long, long time afterwords. Parents today do not instill maturity and respect into their children, and you see story’s everyday like this one that prove it. I fear for the future of this country…..society as a whole really.

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