Wednesday, October 16, 2019

2020 Democrat SPITS On Impeachment Proceedings

This is quite a turn of events especially coming from a Democrat…

Hopeful Democrat 2020 Tulsi Gabbard believes that the phone call from Trump-Ukraine does not provide a compelling case for impeachment. She said the push for impeachment by the leadership of her party would only deepen the partisan gap in America in an interview on Wednesday.

Gabbard thinks that the call for impeachment is a politically motivated move, but she claimed that the president was corrupt.

“Most people reading through that transcript are not going to find that extremely compelling cause to throw out a president that won an election in 2016, and instead what I think most people will see this is another move by Democrats to get rid of Donald Trump,” stated Democrat representative.

Gabbard said she will defeat President Trump in a fair election next year without resorting to political gimmicks. The representative from Hawaii, meanwhile, has formally applied for the next Democrat debate, but said she stays critical of the selection method of the DNCs.

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