Saturday, September 25, 2021

Trump’s Latest Statement Has Democrats TERRIFIED

There’s nothing they can do about it.

President Trump recently stated that lockdowns will need to be lifted after the November election.

During an interview on Fox News, Trump said, “The country has to open. We did the right thing. We closed it down. We saved millions of lives. Now we’re opening it up. And I think the Democrats are actually doing it largely for political reasons.”

Trump continues saying, “I really believe the Democrats are doing this for a political reason. If you close down California — you know, it’s a big state — you close down some of these places, it’s not going to show. Watch. On November 4, everything will open up.”

Several Democratic states have gone back into lockdown and limiting which places were able to open. In California, the governor has called for all bars to close as well as all restaurant without outdoor dining.

A report from the Daily Mail states:

“California says chicken wings, cheese sticks, fried calamari and french fries are not considered meals as it cracks down on outdoor restaurants that are offering drinks without food as the state battles a surge in COVID-19 cases. The state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control agency has issued guidelines on what constitutes as a ‘meal’ after Governor Gavin Newsom reversed reopening measures last month by ordering all bars to shut.”

Once Trump wins re-election, the lockdowns will all be in the past. Read the whole story here.

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