Saturday, September 25, 2021

Trump Administration Deals EXTREME Blow To Illegals

They are shaking in their boots

Trump’s administration is starting to return the Mexican migrants into the middle of Mexico to deter illegal immigration and crossing the border. “The Department of Homeland Security started running flights from Tucson, Ariz., to Guadalajara.”  

“The plan marks a departure from past practice of releasing migrants at the border. The idea would be to make it harder for repeat offenders to try and cross the border again if they are returned hundreds of miles away. Officials say returning people closer to their hometowns is better for them as well, and allows them to receive services from the Mexican government.”

Trump is staying true to his promise and doing the most to make sure illegal people are going back to their country and staying there. A spokesperson for the DHS said, “This is another example of the Trump Administration working with the Government of Mexico to address the ongoing border security crisis.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: Axios

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