Saturday, September 25, 2021

Rand Paul Delivers The BAD News To MLB

He’s taking aim at them.

Republican Senator Rand Paul attacked the Major League Baseball for “coming out against Georgia’s new election law.”

He stated, “Major League Baseball wants to boycott the whole state of Georgia, including Atlanta. They’ve already got rid of the All-Star Game and the draft. They’re doing it because they don’t like a Republican law, a law that expands voting — doesn’t contract voting. Georgia now has more early voting than New York. It’s ridiculous. Even the facts don’t meet what they’re trying to do.”

“My point is if they want to boycott us, let’s boycott them. It’s the only thing that will teach them a lesson. If Coca-Cola wants to only operate in Democrat states and wants only Democrats to drink Coca-Cola, God love them. We’ll see how they do when half the country quits drinking Coca-Cola and half the country quits using Delta. They’re all woke, but they’re doing something against the financial interest of every business. Publicly traded businesses usually don’t get involved in politics because it hurts their bottom line.”

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: Park Rapids Enterprise

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